Terms of use






    1. The following Transact Europe EAD  Terms and Conditions hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”  shall govern the access, registration and use by Developers (third-party providers) of API Portal at: https://developer.transact.eu , provided by  Transact Europe EAD(hereinafter referred to as “Transact Europe” or the “Company”), UIC 121554961, with its registered office located in the city of Sofia, P.O. Box 1000, 19 Karnigradska Street, operating as an electronic money company with license issued by BNB Management Board Resolution № 73 dd. 21.07.2011 and registered as Personal Data Controller, e-mail: office@transact.eu , web page: www.transact.eu .
    2. Transact Europe in its capacity as an account   servicing   payment   service   provider and in compliance with the legal requirements of the national and European legislation, shall enable the using of software or payment service applications of Developers - third-party providers (Payment  initiation  service  providers, Account information service providers or Payment service providers issuing card-based payment instruments) by giving them access to the Application Programming Interface (API) Developers' Portal (hereinafter the Portal) at the following address: https://developer.transact.eu  maintained by BORICA AD, including the relevant tools, applications and necessary documentation. 




    1. Registration – to access the Portal, Developers must register with the Portal at: https://developer.transact.eu . The Portal provides documentation and a sandbox for the APIs that will be provided by Transact Europe. Person registering with the Portal declare that the information provided by them is true, accurate and complete.
    2. Additional information – for certain services or types of access, Transact Europe may require the provision of additional information or consent.
    3. Transact Europe reserves the right to approve registration demands and may reject the application in its discretion without the need to provide any reasons
    4. Upon successful registration, Transact Europe shall provide authentication login data, passwords and other account information (“Login Details”). Login Details are provided solely for access to and use of the Portal.
    5. Developers undertake to keep the Login Details confidential and not disclose them in any way to third parties.
    6. Developers shall notify the Company immediately if they become aware that their Login Details have been, or may be compromised by sending an email to: office@transact.eu

or calling:

      +359 2 473 3301


    1.  Notification upon changes – Developers/Third-party providers shall notify the Company immediately in case of change in the information provided by sending an email to: office@transact.eu




    1. Technical requirements – Developers can only use the the Portal if the applications/software/systems with which they participate in the Portal meet the technical requirements set out in the Portal's website at: https://developer.transact.eu
      1. Developers shall take due care to avoid  technical  problems, unauthorized access, or security incidents.
    2.  Limitation of API logins – Transact Europe may set a restriction to the number of logins to the Portal, as described in the Technical Specification. In addition, for technical or security reasons, the Company may at any time limit number of logins to the Portal.
    3. Avoidance of unauthorized use – when using the Portal, Developers shall:
      1. not violate the provisions of current legislation;
      2. not use the Portal in any way that may result in violation of legal provisions by Transact Europe;
      3. not endanger, obstruct or damage the accessibility of the Portal by other Developers, its operation or security;
      4. not take any actions that might be harmful to the Company`s business or to its reputation;
      5. not engage in reverse engineering, disassembly, reconstruction, or decomplication of any object code of the Portal, provided data of the Company, the API, or any other data provided by the Company in connection with the Portal („Content”);
      6. not attempt unauthorized access to, or use of the services or systems of transact Europe;
      7. not use robots, crawlers, search engines or other applications to download or index the Content of the Portal;
      8. not enter viruses or other malicious codes.
    4. Monitoring and Verification – in accordance with its Privacy Policy, the Company may monitor and verify the use of the Portal by Developers, including for the purpose of:
      1.    preventing fraud;
      2.    preventing overload of the Portal;
      3.    evaluating and improving its API portals and services;
      4.    verifying whether a Developer's application meets the requirements set out in these Terms of Use.
      5.    in the event of reasonable doubt of fraud, misuse or any other breach of regulations relating to the use of the Portal.


    1. Changes to the Portal – Transact Europe may at any time update/modify the Portal. Substantial changes regarding the operation of the Portal and/or the registration/participation of Developers in it shall be published on the Portal’s website at: https://developer.transact.eu
    2.  Maintenance of the Portal – Transact Europe shall exercise due care to ensure the proper functioning of the Portal, as well as the necessary technical assistance to Developers participating in it. The Company does not guarantee that the Portal will operate without interruption, that it will meet the Developer's requirements, or that there will be no interruptions, delays, mistakes or other technical difficulties in the transfer of information. Developers shall not be entitled to compensation for damages/lost profits in connection with any of the above.
    3. Security level – Developers undertake, when accessing and using the Portal, to use applications/software that guarantees an adequate level of security for the Portal, its functioning and the transfer of information.
      1. Developers may not store the Content and/or other information from the Portal for commercial purposes, creation of databases, analyzes, or any purposes other than the use of the Portal.
    4. Confidentiality – any information other than that which is publicly available and communicated between the Company and the Developers in connection with the use of the Portal, shall be considered confidential infomation. Developers undertake:
      1.  to use the information obtained solely for the purposes for which it was provided;
      2.  to prevent the disclosure of confidential information to third parties;
      3.  restrict the transmission of confidential information only to persons directly involved in the use of the Portal.




    1. Developers shall carry the risk of using the Portal, and be responsible for the development, operation, maintenance, and service of their own applications. The Company shall not be responsible for the proper functioning, nor for the content of the applications of third-party providers used in connection with the Portal.
    2. Transact Europe shall not be responsible for damages or lost profits in connection with the use of the Portal, including for any delays, interruptions, errors or inaccuracies in the transmission of data, or other technical difficulties.
    3. Transact Europe shall not be responsible for the content of the websites or applications of third-party providers, nor for the hyperlinks or pages to which they lead.
    4. Upon successful registration,
    5. Developers shall obtain the legitimate, nonexclusive, non-transferable, revocable and non-assignable right to use the Portal for the duration of their registration to the extent necessary and solely for the purpose of participating in the Portal in accordance with these Terms.

4.4.1. Developers shall be solely responsible for violating any intellectual property rights (copyright, trademarks, etc.).




    1. If a Developer has not entered the Portal, or otherwise regularly used it for a period of 12 months, the Company may suspend or terminate their registration.
    2.  The Company may terminate a Developer's registration in the Portal immediately and without notice where:

    5.2.1. The Developer has violated these Terms and/or the applicable legislation;

   5.2.2. The Developer is under bankruptcy proceedings, or there are reasonable doubts they will enter such proceedings, or their license/registration to perform payment services has been revoked.

    1. Consequences of termination:

   5.3.1. Developer’s Login Details shall be blocked by the Company;

   5.3.2. Developer’s access to the Portal shall be blocked by the Company;




    1.  Should any of the provisions of these Terms be, or become invalid, this shall not affect the applicability of the remaining provisions of these Terms.
    2. All disputes that arise between the parties regarding the execution or interpretation of these Terms shall be resolved by mutual agreement and, if no such agreement can be reached, either party may refer the dispute to the competent Bulgarian court.

   6.2.1. For the convenience of no Bulgarian Developers, the Company shall provide the present Terms of use also in the English language. In case of discrepancies or contradictions, the original text in the Bulgarian language shall prevail over the English translation. 

    1. For any issues not covered by these Terms, the relevant provisions of the current Bulgarian and European legislation shall apply, including the Law on Payment Services and Payment Systems,Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2018/389 supplementing Directive (EU) 2015/2366 with regard to regulatory technical standards for strong customer authentication and common and secure open standards of communication, etc.

The present Terms of use are adopted by the Board of Directors of Transact Europe EAD with decision in force as of 31.07.2019